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Coin Collecting Supplies

Coin and Currency Pages

Super Safe Pages

Supersafe(TM) archival non-vinyl polyester-based 3-ring binder pages for coin and currency storage and display. The 20-pocket pages are designed to hold 2x2 Fold and Staple Coin Holders. The 3 and 4-pocket pages store currency sleeves.

Coin Holders

AirTite Coin Holders

AirTite Coin Holders feature inert black or white rings to protect the coin within a clear capsule. Rings are available to fit all US coins.

Kointain Coin Holders are inert, clear plastic shells that fit snugly around a coin.

Whitman and Intercept Shield offer snaplock plastic coin holders for individual coins. Whitman Snaplock 2x2s feature a frosted field around a clear center. Intercept Shield Snaplock 2x2s with an anti-corrosion inner core for more protection.

Coin Flips and Fold and Staple 2x2s are available in bulk for a very affordable coin holder.

Coin Albums

Dansco Coin Albums

The Dansco Supreme coin album series offers the widest selection of coin albums available. From 18th century type coins to modern commemoratives, Dansco coin albums feature update pages, optional proof ports and anti-corrosion slipcases.

All coin albums featured here offer clear plastic slides to view both sides of each coin. The Whitman Classic albums and the Littleton coin albums offer convenient, attractive and inexpensive ways to store and display your coin collections.

Coin Folders

Whitman Coin Folders

The original blue Whitman Coin Folder, the beginning of many coin collections, is still popular today. Harris Coin Folders feature acid-free materials and color artwork.